Garneth Dining Room

Garenth Dining Room

It consists of a combination of beige and bronze color. It can be easily opened and closed thanks to the oval shape on the central console covers. There is a blu motion feature on the console covers. This feature is a feature that enables the doors to be opened and closed easily and silently. The console mirror is in a set and consists of two separate parts to be assembled. The upper table of the tables is painted in MDF and bronze color bands pass through the edges. There is a fixed dining table and an extendable dining table. There are pile details on the back of the chair.


Width: 1860 mm
Depth: 465 mm
Height: 810 mm
Width: 1606 mm
Depth: 895 mm
Height: 808 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Depth: 900 mm
Height: 808 mm
Width: 1125 mm
Depth: 40 mm
Height: 675 mm
Width: 580 mm
Depth: 615 mm
Height: 875 mm